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Yamme offers a selective range of solutions to fit your needs 

Vehicle Tracking

  • Intelligent vehicle tracking
  • Vehicle lock
  • Live alerts
  • Vehicle health
  • Complete security
  • Control fuel cost

Fleet Management

  • Real-time GPS fleet tracking
  • Fleet lock
  • Live alerts
  • Vehicle health
  • Control fleet operations
  • Manage fleet's fuel cost

Video Telematics

  • Forward collision warning
  • Speed violation
  • Driver distraction
  • Lane drift warning
  • Driver behavior analysis
  • Driver face ID

Why choose Yamme?

Vehicle Tracking

Be aware of everything of everything that happens in the vehicle, know the whereabouts of the vehicle precise location, current speed, status of the engine and battery, traveled distance and much more.

Improve your vehicle for the road

know your vehicles’ location in real-time, watch and monitor the information and status such as:

  • Current location
  • Engine / Battery status
  • Engine temperature 
  • Car state (Off/On)
  • ETA (Trips)
  • Traveled distance
  • Driver’s ID
Remote control of car

Full control of your vehicle

Control your vehicle, turn off your engine remotely or lock the doors when needed, Yamme GPS solutions offers you a set of tools to help you fully control your fleet in cases of theft or unauthorized driving.


It’s very important for the driver to turn off the AC of the box in the refrigerated vehicles to save fuel, in case it’s forgotten, you can easily turn off the AC remotely, with a click of a button from where you’re monitoring the fleet.

Trip Scheduling System

Yamme GPS solutions provides the possibility of creating trips depending on the status/location of both the vehicle and the driver.
The trips feature is used in a variety of options, such as dispatch services for emergency situations, or school buses when creating a multipoint trip, or even if you have a delivery services, all of the above can be done without making a single phone call to the drivers.
The trips can be monitored by both the system admin and the driver by using the mobile application or desktop application.

Trip Scheduling

Key Features:

  • Track and monitor trips schedules
  • Choose the best route for your trips
  • Get vehicles details 24/7
  • Reduce unnecessary idle times
  • Receive alerts and notifications about the trips
  • create recurring or periodic trips
  • Analytic and detailed reports about trips
  • Improve fleet overall efficiency 

By using the vehicle trips scheduling, you can create the trips and select the start date of the trips and how many stops are allowed during the trip

Learn more about tracking and vehicle status >

Screen of trips

Fleet Management

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Fuel Management

Yamme's dashboard lets you examine fleet trends and maximize fleet efficiency. Yamme's fleet management system provides fuel expenses, difficulty areas, and fuel performance data. You can also avoid fuel theft and simplify vehicle allocation.

Staff Management

Yamme's fleet management software makes it easy to track staff performance and productivity. Track your crew's movements while transporting a shipment. You can monitor delivery timetables and freight movement.

Asset Management

Yamme's fleet management software monitors inventory, history, and status of vehicles and assets. Monitor drivers' timesheets and dates. Give your workers real-time fleet data. Data-driven businesses realize the actual cost of fleet management.

Meet the Video Telematics

Seeing is Believing with Advanced Video Telematics
Video Safety

AI Powered Sensors

Using the dashboard camera's active sensors, our smart Video telematics solution can detect unsafe driving behaviors and assist drivers in avoiding collisions.


Liability Protection

Receive real-time notifications when dangerous driving events occur, such as harsh braking, sharp turns, or distracted driving, and record high-quality video evidence.


Enhanced Safety

Replay driving videos of accidents to gain insight into driver behavior and take action to improve and coach driver performance and keep your fleet safe and ensure better driving behavior.

Keep your eye on the road, protect your business

Use our simple video telematics solutions to capture accurate on-road footage and coach drivers on their performance. Reduce your operational costs, protect against false claims, and ensure the safety of your drivers, fleet, and business.

Watch driver behavior on the go

By the state of the art technology, you can monitor your drivers performance analytics and behavior report, watch incidents videos, location and speed, coach drivers for a better, safer driving experience.

Main Features

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Harsh Braking

Distracted Driving

Drowsy Driving

Harsh Acceleration

Seatbelt Removal

Geofence Violation

Speed Violation

Collision Warning

Route Changing

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