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Fleet Management Made Simple

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Fleet Management Made Simple

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Innovative Solutions for Vehicle Fleet Management

With Yamme fleet management systems, you can track cars in the field, enhance fleet operations, boost worker productivity, and promote safer driving. Select from a variety of GPS tracking services that are configurable and feature dashboards, reports, and alerts.

  • See driver and vehicle location in near real-time
  • Track driver behavior like speeding, idling and harsh driving
  • Reduce costs for vehicle maintenance and fuel consumption
  • Improve dispatch, routing and visibility

Vehicle and asset tracking

Improve fleet security, usage, and uptime with the monitoring of automobiles, heavy equipment, and trailers.

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Anti-Theft system

Protect your vehicles, machinery and assets from theft, tampering and unauthorized use by means of anti-theft systems and remote locking of the vehicle.

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Management of fleet services

View task progress, view intelligent scheduling recommendations, provide ETAs, and schedule work orders to improve field communication and customer satisfaction.

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Keep an eye on the road with Video Telematics

Take advantage of fleet monitoring and integrated video package pricing. With HD video, AI, and driver safety data, you can reduce risk and coach your drivers.

Using Video Telematics, you can get notified about:

…and many others

video safety

Yamme's Field job management solution

Schedule, send out, and keep track of your fleet with one fleet management solution:

  • Tracking vehicles and updating jobs in almost real-time will help you see what’s going on in the field.
  • With the mobile app, you can speed up dispatching by sending job assignments straight to a tech’s phone.
  • See suggestions for smart scheduling and use a calendar to set up jobs.
  • Give better ETAs and get notified if jobs are going to be late.

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Yamme GPS tracking via map

Yamme solutions in numbers

Less fuel consumption
Productivity increase
Less accidents
Less idling time

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